Owners & CEOs

The Incredible Ritchie CatmoreRitchie Catmore

Birthday: Unknown, but sometime around Sept. 18, 2011

Ritchie was brought to us by a friend March 18th, 2012, she had recently been found on the side of the highway, and he was looking to find a home for her. She decided to call the store her home.  Ritchie loves when her friends come to visit, especially her BFF “Killer”. Ritchie is NUTS for any freeze dried treat! She can often be found in our front windows basking in the sun.


RonnieRonnie James Meow

Birthday: Approx. 2011

From rags to riches… Our little black panther didn’t have the easiest start in life but is definitely making up for lost time now that she’s being pampered by the LLCD family. She’s a little ninja and can often be found in the highest spots in the store. Not shy voicing her opinion about her likes or dislikes. Big fan of RDBK turkey.



Human Resources


Doris from Human Resources

Birthday: Unknown, old as dirt.

Doris escaped from a crypt somewhere in December 2018. She was found running around naked and freezing. She is feeling much better now. She runs our HR department but generally just snoozes behind the counter. We’d fire her but she sleeps with the boss so we’re stuck with her.



Sales Team



Birthday: March 2002

Charlie is the store’s doorman who can’t hold his licker. He loves to follow people around the store and help them shop. He has been a great foster brother to countless homeless animals. He is a ballaholic, enjoys hiking, swimming & long walks on the beach. At home, he loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his family.


Spaghetti & Meatball

Birthday: Approx. 2017

Spaghetti and Meatball found themselves in need of a new home and we were more than happy to bring them on as part of our in store sales team. They especially excel at eating and pooping all day long. If you bribe them with fresh veggies, they will shake a paw.



Product Researchers (Telecommuters)


Birthday: unknown

Toaster is a funny little cat. She loves chasing insects, chewing plastic, and if you leave the bread out she will try and eat the whole loaf.




Yo-yo, aka: Destructo KittyDestruct-o-kitty (a.k.a.Yo-Yo)

Age: approx 17
Adoption date: July 25, 2012

Yo-yo  is the newest edition to the Long Live Cats and Dogs family. He is obsessed with his new raw food diet and a comfy lap. He will head-butt you and lick your face until he finds that perfect spot. If he was a hockey player he would be in the penalty box all the time because he loves to head-butt.



Birthday: 2011

This handsome, silly boy likes to play, play, play! Needless to say, Tesla is our official cat toy tester. Big or small, he loves them all! He also likes to make sure that all the 3P raw food is tasty.






Age: Unknown, but will probably outlive all of us.

Forget snail mail, this Russian tortoise girl moves way faster! Her previous employer didn’t appreciate her talent and they kicked her out on the street. She was found wandering the streets of Steveston. We are glad to have her part of our team!




In Loving Memory



Age: 20
Birthday: unknown

Brutus is the old man of the family, he has been with Alexis since she was young. He is completely blind and mostly deaf.  When he is not eating or sleeping, he loves to walk outside and sniff the wind. Brutus passed away surrounded by friends and family on January 31st, 2013. He will always be remembered and loved.



Birthday: August 27th, 2003

Chief is the store security guard, don’t be fooled by his size, he is a tough little guy. He is also the biggest snuggler around. Chief’s favorite things are carrots, pop corn, and naps in the sun.






Age: Unknown, approx. 2002/2003
Adoption date: July 27th, 2011

Blade is the store greeter, he will never turn down a nice rub behind the ear. He loves hiking, fetch, camping, swimming, pretty much any outdoor activity as long as he is with his favorite people.  He is Blade the Ripper.




Birthday: Approx. 2012

Piggy just showed up at our door one day and demanded that he was taking over the small animal section in the store. He also insisted that we build him his own castle in the store. When he’s not sleeping, he is generally busy eating. When he finished his food, you can often hear him demand more food.