In recent years there has been an increasing number of pets suffering from the same degenerative diseases affecting humans. Diseases such as obesity, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, immune and skin disorders, and more, yet there is still a huge push from many “professionals” to feed our pets processed foods. After realizing these “professionals” are more driven by profit and less by pets’ health, we decided to switch our focus to companies that focus on biologically appropriate foods.

Dogs are omnivores. They are closely related to the wolf and have a digestive system identical to them. Dogs, like wolves, thrive on raw, fresh meats, bones, organs and vegetables. Cats are strict carnivores, with digestive systems identical to wildcats. Cats naturally thrive on a diet of meat, bones, and organs, and their digestive system is not capable of digesting carbohydrates.


The raw food diet is the natural species-appropriate diet. By switching to this diet you will strengthen your pet’s immune system, notice a healthier coat and skin, cleaner teeth and gums, improved digestion, less stool, increased vitality, proper bone development with less arthritis, along with numerous other benefits. In other words, an overall increase in health and well being for your four legged companion, plus lower vet bills and peace of mind for you.


Still not sold? Check out research done by Dr Ian Billinghurst, owner of the registered trademark ‘Barf Diet’ and the BARF World Distributor Network, as well as the Pottenger’s cat study, a 10 year study of over 900 cats.

Recommended Reading

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Grow Your Pups With Bones
by Dr Ian Billinghurst
A raw food guide for dog breeders and puppy owners.

The B.A.R.F. Diet
by Dr Ian Billinghurst
An expansion and update to Dr. Billinghurt’s first two books, including information specific to cats.

Pottenger’s Cats: A Study in Nutrition
by Francis Marion Pottenger
A classic study in nutrition where it was observed that cats’ health over multiple generations degenerated if they were not fed biologically appropriate food.